Wednesday, March 29, 2006

EMS Core Fleece Jacket

If you’re looking for an all-around fleece jacket that will cover you for most outdoor activities from late fall through the springtime, then you should consider taking a look at EMS’ Core Fleece Jacket, which uses windshield fleece to create a jacket that is warmer than a typical base-level jacket. It even makes a good stand-alone jacket for all but the coldest and windiest days because of the dense, wind-resistant fleece, which makes the jacket very warm for its size.

Core Jacket Basics

The full-zip Core Jacket falls in the middle between very lightweight fleece jackets and soft-shell fleece jackets which mix heavyweight fleece and waterproof coatings. The mid-weight fleece of the Core Jacket though is made even warmer because of the ‘windshield’ coating on the fleece, which while not making the jacket windproof, does provide significant protection from all but the strongest of winds.

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