Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The North Face Denali Fleece Vest

Like it’s full-size cousin, the Denali Fleece Jacket, The North Face Denali Fleece Vest is a great all-purpose fleece vest that will easily handle lots of heavy outdoor use and still look good when you wear it around town. If that sounds like something you’d like and you don’t mind paying a premium for that quality, then you should consider picking up The North Face’s Denali Vest.

Even though lately just about everyone has a Denali Jacket or Vest, this really is a vest that has been designed with hikers, climbers and mountaineers in mind. The Denali is a great for any who’s always outside and doesn’t want to sacrifice comfort for performance while still looking good.

Vest Basics

Made from the Polartec 300 series water-repellent fleece, the Denali Vest not only keeps you warm, but protects you from the elements with that extra water-repellency built right in. There’s not only fleece on this vest, the Denali’s upper portion is reinforced with a 2-ply synthetic nylon fabric. This extra material helps the vest handle the wear and tear from backpack straps and prevents the fleece from pilling up under those straps. While it’s not the softest fleece you’ll find in a jacket or a vest, the fleece in the Denali is soft and comfortable to wear against your body.

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