Monday, August 06, 2007

Ford 2007 Ranger FX4 Off-Road Pick-Up Truck

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While it might be overkill for what some truck drivers need, if you are looking for a smaller sized, four-wheel drive truck that offers off-road features along with a roomy cab and good towing abilities, then Ford’s 2007 Ranger FX4 Off-Road pick-up truck might just be what you are looking for.

The FX4 line of Ford Trucks is the “off-road” design. It generally features trucks with bigger tires, off-road suspension and a number of other standard features that differentiate it from other trucks in their line. Basically, the truck is more or less designed with off-road travel in mind and while the vast majority of my travel is on roads, it was a feature that interested me, as I didn’t want to have a truck that I wouldn’t be able to get off-road when I needed to.

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mud tire punk said...

Mud tires for trucks , roomy cab, spacious bed, towing ability.. this Ranger FX4 has all the good features you're looking for. Nice review!