Monday, January 07, 2008

[2] Magazine

Tired of the typical gay skin rags where you have shot after shot of the typical generic gay clones? The 20-something, hairless, blond, incredibly buff and hung types not doing it for you anymore, or just tired of staring at the same old poses in photo shoot after photo shoot?

[2] is, according to their own description, a collection of America’s hottest erotic photography devoted entirely to hot-blooded, sensual couples in steamy, sexy passion and I would generally have to agree with that description. Having seen plenty of gay skin rags in my time, [2] is a notable exception in that it focuses more on gay couples making love and having fun instead of just the act of sex in their photo spreads.

If you’re looking for hardcore images, look elsewhere because [2] is more interested in showcasing hot men together in an intimate and sexually positive light where the steam is produced by the energy between the two men and not from the graphic sexual images that are in some other magazines.

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