Monday, January 07, 2008

GSI Outdoors Lexan Plate

For a long time I always made sure I had my trusty stainless steel camping plate packed whenever I was backpacking. Besides transmitting heat a little too well (making the bottom very hot at times), I was happy with it. That was until I came across a GSI Outdoors Lexan Plate. This plate is pretty much unbreakable, is tougher than a similar steel or aluminum plate and doesn’t transmit heat quite so quickly as they do.

Considering how light and strong the GSI Outdoors Lexan Plate is, it is a great addition to anyone’s backpacking kitchen. Once you buy one, you’re not likely to need another for a very long time. Probably the only way you’re really going to wreck the plate is to drive over it or hit it with a hammer. The lexan material is simply so strong it won’t dent or scratch through normal use like a metal plate can.

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