Thursday, February 07, 2008

Charles River, Massachusetts

Charles River

One of the best resources for outdoor enthusiasts west of Boston is the Army Corp of Engineers’ Charles River Natural Valley Storage Area. This area of protected land surrounds the Charles River, almost from its beginning downstream through a number of different Towns and ends just before it reaches the more urban end of the river in the greater Boston area.

This land protects the river and provides natural areas for the river to flood into during periods of high water, thus protecting other properties that might have been flooded if the valley area had also been developed. The Natural Valley Storage Area doesn’t only provide flood protection though, it provides an almost continuous natural path for the Charles River as it makes its way through the area west of Boston.

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Anonymous said...

I agree that information is difficult to find. I too, live near the river and was surprised that the only information that I could find on the web about kayaking on the Charles only mentioned one or two launch sites in Boston. That's why I created, a website for people who enjoy kayaking on the Charles River. There is also a link here to my "Charles River Blog".