Saturday, February 02, 2008

TI (Treasure Island) Hotel and Casino - Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas - TI

Treasure Island really isn’t Treasure Island anymore. The resort is now called “TI,” and caters to a distinctly more mature crowd than the original Treasure Island did. If you are going expecting pirates and the like, you are going to be disappointed. A lot of the original styling and design is gone from the hotel and the casino – even the celebrated pirate battle in front of the hotel is now “The Sirens of TI,” a celebration more of scantily clad women with water splashing on them than anything else.

For both of us, the hotel room was the greatest disappointment. I honestly think that it was on par with a room we had at the Motel 6 down the street and if I had paid full-price for the room, I might have considered changing casinos. For the kind of money they charge for a room (between $120 and $190 depending on the night), I’d expect a nicer room.

Add in the lackluster casino and overall if I had the chance, I probably wouldn’t stay at TI again (unless they make it free for me). There are some highpoints – Mystere is an excellent show, Tangerine is a cool club and overall the restaurants are good.

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Anonymous said...

We were also somewhat unimpressed with the TI experience. We stayed there during a convention at the Sands in March. The Casino was hot-and I mean that in the temperature sort of way. The water pressure in the room was almost non existent (The water was lukewarm when you had it on as hot as it would go. And best of all...The maid threw all of our convention materials and class notes, samples, names badges in the garbage! The "TI" would take no responsibility for this, my word against theirs. I guess the customer is always wrong. If you choose to try this place anyway, hide ALL your stuff when you are out!!!!!!!