Thursday, September 04, 2008

Ted's Montana Grill

I like Ted's Montana Grill. They have some great steaks, a ton of sandwiches and if you're up for it, burgers and steaks that are made from bison in place of beef.

I had never heard of Ted's until they started building one near my office. That's when I did a little searching and discovered that it was a steak house co-founded by Ted Turner. It focuses on using fresh and natural ingredients and cooking everything from scratch in the kitchen. Not only that, they have a stronger focus on the environment than many other restaurants today. They even use paper straws!

All told I was pretty impressed before I even got to go for my first meal. When the place finally opened, I wasn't disappointed. The food and service has turned out to be great. The prices are a bit high, but overall what you get is a good value for your dollar.

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