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The Gay Kama Sutra - Colin Spencer

The Gay Kama Sutra

I'm not sure that this book is even still in print, but The Gay Kama Sutra by by Colin Spencer is a decent book that attempts to adapt the original Kama Sutra so that it encompasses male homosexuality. Does it do that? I'm not sure how faithful to the original this text is, but the book does provide an overall look at gay men's sexuality and sexual expression. It's an interesting read and most gay men will probably learn a thing or two, though nothing earth shattering.

The book is illustrated with a mix of photographs and illustrations that depict a number of sexual activities along with men just engaging in life activities. There's also some art work that reflects the original Indian nature of the Kama Sutra.

Is this going to draw in every gay reader? Probably not, but the six chapters do hit upon a number of different facets of gay life and sexuality.

What you get in the book

The first chapter tackles the "art of love." I know, a pretty broad topic. What it boils down to is a discussion about life, male love and how to take care of one self in order to maximize your life. You'll find some history here, some grooming tips, and some ideas and tips on life in general.

Chapter 2 deals with making love. Here is where you'll find information on touching and caressing your partner, sexual positions, penetration, safe sex, fellatio and more. This chapter also is home to many of the illustrations, which are used to show the sexual activities versus photographs. While only drawings, there is a certain enjoyment I see in them versus just a plain old photograph of two guys having sex. Will most guys learn something in this chapter? No, you might think of a new position or two, but at least for me, the majority of this section is more exciting than educational.

The third chapter deals with the lives of gay men and their interaction with society. There are sections on men's basic biology, circumcision, love, bisexuality, coming home and a number of other topics. For someone who's pondering their sexuality, this is probably a helpful section, though it is a bit outdated considering nowadays there's legalized gay marriage in some states and overall the situation of gay men in society has changed for the better since this book was published in 1996.

Chapter four delves into games people play sexually along with riskier sexual activities. Things like pornography, shaving, toys are discussed here, along with other topics like S&M activities. There's also information on sexual problems you may experience, along with the potential for transmitted diseases.

In chapter five you'll learn about 'acquiring a partner.' I had to laugh writing that, if it was only so easy. However you will find discussions on falling in love, relaxing your lover, seducing someone and how to make it through breakups.

Finally in the last chapter, there is a short discussion on aphrodisiacs and massage oils. This chapter might be helpful for those of us who are looking to spice things up a bit. The massage oil suggestions are all quite good and do make for a very nice massage.

There's also a list of books that the author suggests for further reading, an index to the book along with a short introduction in the beginning of the book and acknowledgments at the end of the book.

Should I get this book?

Like I said, I'm not sure it's still in print, but it has been a fun book to have. We browse through it from time to time and there have been times when we've taken some of its advice. I wouldn't suggest paying the cover price for the book, but if you are a gay man looking to expand your horizons a bit with regards to your lifestyle and sexual activities, this might not be a bad book to pick up.

Final Thoughts

While a few sections are a bit outdated considering the books publishing date (1996), the vast majority of the information in The Gay Kama Sutra is timeless and should help most gay men spice up their sex lives at least a little bit. Not only that, there is some good advice on a healthy lifestyle here.

If you can find this book at a discount, I'd suggest picking it up. It's an interesting read that will provide some useful information.

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