Saturday, January 23, 2010

LL Bean Stainless Steel Vacuum Bottle 18-Ounce

The Vacuum Bottle 18 is something I would consider buying even without a Christmas swap. It's well made as all LL Bean products are and it works. It'll keep your coffee hot all day and it's small enough to easily carry or stow away in a backpack or your car.

The bottle exterior is completely made from stainless steel, which looks nice but also protects the bottle. It can live through some dings and bumps and won't be any worse for the wear. Not only that, but unlike some other insulated bottles, there is no glass inside LL Bean's bottle, only a vacuum between the two layers of stainless steel (one on the inside on on the outside). This means you can drop the bottle and the interior glass won't shatter since there isn't any inside.

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