Sunday, June 20, 2010

SIGG Traveler - Screw Top Water Bottle (1L / 33 oz)

I like my old plastic water bottles, but I have gotten myself a few of the new aluminum bottles just to see how they work and if they are going to replace my old Nalgene 32-Ounce Wide-Mouth Bottles. The verdict? I really like the Sigg 1-Liter Aluminum bottles but I think for the most part, they won't completely replace my current Nalgene collection. Perhaps over time, but I do find a few limits on the Sigg bottles.

The biggest issue for me is the narrow mouth of the bottle. This makes it great for drinking from. I rarely spill on myself like I've done with wide-mouthed Nalgene bottles, but it makes it very hard to add ice cubes to a bottle or to get mixes into the bottle without making a mess. It can also be a bit of a pain if you're trying to fill it in the outdoors, though that one I haven't run across too much. My problem that way is that I like to make sure I haven't gotten dirt or other solids in the bottle when I'm bottling up surface water (before I've purified it with iodine or whatever else).

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