Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Slo-Niacin Polygel Controlled Release Niacin 500Mg

In my continuing quest to get better cholesterol numbers with my cholesterol specialist doctor, I first started out on prescription Niaspan to find out how I reacted to taking niacin.  Once I got settled on that and after my new insurance company refused to cover the prescription, I switched to the over-the-counter version of the slow release Niacin, which the 500mg tablets of Slo-Niacin Polygel Controlled Release Niacin is one option.  I had originally begun with a daily 500 mg dose, but nowadays I am up to a 2,000 mg dose, which means I take four of these pills at a time.

That means that even though there are 100 pills in the bottle, I'm going through them fairly fast, which is really the only downside for me to use the Slo-Niacin pills.  They were what I originally switched to when I went from the prescription to the OTC Niacin and they have worked fine for me.  They are also readily available in my CVS and at the Walmart pharmacies, so I know even if I run out away from home, I can pick some up.

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