Saturday, March 17, 2012

6th Generation 8-gigabyte iPod Nano from Apple

Even though I was not planning on having a new iPod Nano, I am glad that fate intervened and allowed us to upgrade. The 6th Generation Apple 8 Gigabyte iPod Nano offers 8 gigabytes of storage space, is easy to clip anywhere and offers more features than the older Nano that we were using. All in all, there is a lot packed into this small (or should I say nano-sized) device.

Compared to my old Nano, this iPod Nano is small. It is almost a square at just under an inch and a half high and just under an inch and a half wide. The Nano is only about a third of an inch thick and weighs less than an ounce. The front of the Nano features a touch screen, with volume and power controls on top, the docking port along with the headphone jack are on the bottom and the back features a clip that lets you attach the Nano just about anywhere.

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