Saturday, December 22, 2012

501 Great Things About Being Gay

A tongue-in-cheek look at the things that make being gay great, Edward Taussig provides 501 reasons why we, over on the queer team should be happy with the way we are. 

No chapters, no stories, just 501 one or two sentence reasons why being gay can be great – that’s all that you should expect to find in this book. There are two or three reasons per page for all 232 pages of the book (which is a smaller, undersized book – about 5 by 7 inches). 

You have to wonder, how much time did it take Mr. Taussig to sit down and figure out these 501 reasons – most are forgettable, but some are genuinely funny. 

Now you are probably wondering what could possibly be so great about being gay? 

You’re the only one at the reunion who looks a lot better than you did in high school. 

or how about… 

You never have to find her “G” spot 

You see, this is a fun little book filled with reasons why being gay can be great at times. 

I’m not advocating however, that this is some sort of self-help book or anything of the sort. 501 Great Things About Being Gay, is simply a fun read for yourself and your friends. My partner and I will read through it at times and you can hear the laugh from the other room when he or I get to a funny reason for loving being gay. In my weaker moments of party planning, I’ve even been known to pull it out and use it to bring some laughs to everyone. Especially since… 

You know where to get impressive party nibbles 

and I couldn’t let my nibbles be wasted in a boring party. 

So in the end, 501 Great Things is a funny book that is worth having around to bring out a laugh or two when you need it. 


Okay, maybe sometimes being gay isn’t so great all of the time – but books like this help us all see the lighter side of life. If you’re a gay guy out there looking for the occasional smile, this book is a worthy addition to that bookshelf. 

Some parting reasons on why being gay is great… 

If your mattress could talk, it would be Joan Rivers 
Brunch was invented for you 
You know that some of the worst social functions can be redeemed by two magical words: Open Bar 
You didn’t choose to be gay, it was sheer luck 

and my personal favorite (and summing up the tongue-in-cheek nature of this book at the same time: 

You resent any assumptions made about you because of your sexuality – including about half the ones in this book 

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