Sunday, January 13, 2013

Carmex Lip Balm

Make Your Lips Feel Extra Good 

Suffering from chapped lips or have a cold sore? You mean you haven’t found Carmex yet? This lip balm is one of the greatest little creations for chapped lips, cold sores and blisters on your lips. I first discovered it when I was in Vegas several years ago and I was suffering from very dry and chapped lips (chalk it up to a Vermont guy being suddenly stuck in the middle of the desert and hiking for a week). We stopped at a convenience store and I picked up some Carmex and it was instant gratification for my lips.

The Basics

The balm comes in a ¼ ounce tin (7 ½ grams), which is available in most stores. This is a twist open plastic tin, which comes in quite handy. It’s small enough to pack into your pack, your jacket or to just put in your pocket. The tin stays tight enough that even in high heat (like the inside of your car) it will not leak.

If you do let it sit out and get out (or leave it in your car), I would let it cool down before you use it. As it heats up, it becomes much more runny and is almost a liquid in extreme heat. Just place it in the shade and let it cool down and it will quickly gel back up before you use it again. I haven’t noticed any sort of degradation of the quality when it melts like this – just seems like it’s something that happens when it gets hot and when it cools back down, it’s fine.

While Carmex may liquefy in the car, I’ve never noticed it happening while it’s on your lips – so no balm running down your chin when you least expect it (wouldn’t that be funny?).

How Do I Use It?

Do we really need directions for lip balm?

When you twist open the tin and look inside you’ll see a fairly yellow gel (just like the yellow lid) that is easily scooped up with your fingertip. Once it’s on your finger, just rub it on the area that you want protected.

It has a slight taste to it that is hard to place. It is not a mediciny flavor like Blistex or the waxy taste like Chapstick. It is sort of sweet, but in reality, there’s not much of a taste.

I’ve never had a cold sore, so I cannot vouch for the usefulness of Carmex with those, but with chapped lips, it is a lifesaver. Almost immediately you can feel a cool soothing feeling on your lips and after a few uses, your lips will be healing right up.


Now, when I’m out west (or here in the east too) and I’m suffering from chapped lips, I pull out my tin of Carmex and enjoy the sooth feeling.

For the convenience of such a small container, you are going to pay a premium. On average I have been paying about $2.000 a tin. Generally, each tin lasts, with normal use, for quite some time, I’ve yet to run out of any yet and I use it fairly regularly.

Thus if you’ve got chapped lips or a cold sore, grab some Carmex and start feeling the relief.

Just be aware that if you are using this as lip balm, it offers no protection against UV rays and with worries about skin cancer and UV rays, it is a good idea for everyone to be wearing some sort of sunblock whenever you will be in the sun for any extended period of time. Pick up some Dermatone to protect your lips from the sun.

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