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Autumn Garden | Chinese Takeout | Uxbridge, Massachusetts

Do you live in Blackstone Valley area of Massachusetts and want to visit a good Chinese food restaurant? While focused on take-out, Autumn Garden Chinese Restaurant has some of the best food that I've had at a Chinese restaurant. Seriously, this place is that good. We've yet to bring someone there that hasn't enjoyed their meal and we've brought quite a few people to "that Chinese restaurant we rave about" as people we know call it.

We first discovered Autumn Garden when we were living in Uxbridge, since it is located there and it was the closest Chinese take-out for us. We loved the food from the start and even though we left Uxbridge several years go, we still go back almost once a month to have a meal there.

Finding Autumn Garden

Autumn Garden is located in the Hannaford Plaza along Route 122 just north of the center of Uxbridge, Massachusetts. The plaza has plenty of parking and the restaurant is between the Hallmark Store and a hair salon.

Autumn Garden is primarily a take-out restaurant, however there are about five 4-person tables where people either wait for their take-out or eat. In our case, we eat there.

Autumn Garden address is 158 North Main Street, Uxbridge, MA 01569 and their telephone number is (508) 278-9399.

Loving Autumn Garden

Okay, so there's some ambiance that's lacking, but the restaurant makes up for this in good food. The two owners, a married couple work there and make all the food themselves, which I like because over the years my partner and I have developed a casual friendship with them and so when we come in, it's not like just walking into a normal restaurant. We're greeted, they already know what we want to have and it just feels good to be there.

Not only that, but we love the food. We always start with a wonton soup which is one of the best wonton soups I've ever had. We have one friend that comes with us just to get a large bowl of the wonton soup she loves it so much.

What can you eat?

There are all the standard choices you'd find at any restaurant with a selection of soups, appetizers, fried rice, and entrees. My favorite part of the menu though is the fact that they have a wide selection of combination meals for both lunch and dinner. It seems like there's almost a combination for everything and to please everyone. For me, I almost always get the D11 or the D12 which is beef or chicken with broccoli. In addition to that, you get pork fried rice, chicken fingers and chicken teriyaki. Other combinations include a more appetizer based one that my partner loves, the D1. That comes with the fried rice, chicken teriyaki, boneless spare ribs and chicken fingers. There's also combination meals that include other entrees and other appetizers depending on what you like.

The best part? None of the combination meals are over $10. You get all that food at a great price.

At lunch there's a smaller set of combination plates available at a lower cost (you get one less appetizer in general with the meal), but you can still get the main combination plates too.

Since this is a take-out restaurant, there's a refrigerator that has a selection of drinks available too. However that's it for refreshments.


For take-out the service is pretty straightforward. You can either call your order in or stop in and order and they'll put it together and package it up for you. Most stuff can be ready in less than 20 minutes, but for bigger orders, give them some extra time. We often order from Autumn Garden when we get together with family that still live there and we usually call our order in about an hour ahead of time to give them enough time to get everything together.

If you're going to eat there, don't expect anything fancy. The seating is in booths and the owners will break out the meals for you along with some duck sauce and utensils. If you need anything else, you'll have to get up and ask for it.

I actually like eating at the restaurant since I think the food tastes better. It's not packed in styrofoam or other containers, plus when it's brought out to you, it's fresh from the kitchen as opposed to sitting around and waiting for you to eat it.


The best deals are the combination meals. We can usually get three of those along with soups and drinks for just over $20 for the two of us. Besides the combinations, the prices on the individual servings are competitive, if not a bit lower than you'll find at other Chinese take-out restaurants in the area.

Final Thoughts

For us to drive close to half an hour each month to have Chinese food in a restaurant that's mainly take-out, you know something has to be good about it. Simply put, we just love Autumn Garden and we like the people that run it. They've always provided us with great tasting food at a good price with good service.

If you're in the Uxbridge area and you want some great Chinese, check out the Autumn Garden Chinese Restaurant.

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