Thursday, March 08, 2007

Wilderness Systems Pamlico 100 Kayak

Getting Ready

Looking for a general purpose kayak that can handle flat water, slow rivers and a bit of easy whitewater and that’s a step above a simple entry-level boat? Consider taking a look at Wilderness Systems’ Pamlico 100. This kayak offers plenty of features in a light, compact and comfortable boat that should serve its user well.

To start, this boat is what I would consider an introductory to early intermediate kind of kayak. It isn’t designed for any one condition (flat water, whitewater, open ocean, etc.), but it is a kayak that can be used in any number of different conditions and will provide acceptable levels of use in those conditions. Think of it as an all-around use kind of kayak – one that you can just as easily use to paddle around a small lake as you can take it down a river with a few smaller rapids.

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