Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Maglite Mini Flashlight 2-Cell AA

The Mini-Maglite Flashlight is one flashlight you can find all over my house, in my car and in my backpacking gear. It’s small enough to tuck away but still bright enough to provide plenty of light for almost anything you do in the dark. Not only that, it’s built tough so it can survive being dropped and you can have it out in the rain without worrying that it’s going to stop working.

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Linda said...


I am totally of your opinion, the mini maglites are fantastic. Mine is a shiny turquoise, which doesn't quite match all my outfits, but is easy to find. We can't follow your advice in having lots of them, since we're travelling, but one seems to do quite well on the road.

We did a review of the mini maglite for travellers: