Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Metro 9 Steak House - Framingham, Massachusetts

A step up in class from your typical Route 9 restaurant in the Framingham and Natick area, the Metro 9 Steak House offers a wide variety of steaks and seafood in an upscale atmosphere. That variety of quality steaks and the upscale ambiance come at a price though and the Steak House does have prices that some would consider quite high.

The Steak House is located on the eastbound side of Route 9 in Framingham, MA. It’s located roughly across Route 9 from the Shoppers’ World Plaza. There’s plenty of free parking surrounding the Steak House along with other parking in the nearby, interconnected plazas. Access to the restaurant is only from the eastbound side of Route 9, so if you are heading westbound, you will have to pull a u-turn at the next intersection and come back down to the Steak House.

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