Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Sierra Designs Reverse Combi 2-Person, 3-Season Tent

preparing the camping gear

A well rounded tent that is neither feather-light nor super heavy, the Sierra Designs Reverse Combi Tent is a good choice for backpackers looking for a 3-season, 2-person tent. With more inside space than other similar tents and an easy setup and a multi-purpose rain fly, there is a little for everyone to love about this tent.

Offering about 32 square feet of interior space, this tent is actually quite a bit roomier than it may appear from the outside. That’s because of the pole design (the ‘Reverse Combi’ technology as Sierra Designs calls it), which makes the sides of the tent steeper and the top flatter than a normal cross pole tent. That translates into more usable space in the tent since you don’t have as much overhang on the sides. The first time I climbed into this tent, it was very noticeable. You can easily sit up while sleeping and overall there’s just more area in the tent to move around.

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