Monday, March 03, 2008

Francesco's Restaurant, Treasure Island (TI), Las Vegas

When you think of fine dining and Las Vegas, the restaurants at Treasure Island (TI) don’t always come first to your mind. That was the case with me at least, but we had wanted to eat somewhere in TI so that we could then go to the Mystere show without having to worry about rushing in between.

That’s how we found Francesco’s. We sort of stumbled onto it as we were going around Treasure Island the day before the show. Francesco’s is one of TI’s four ‘fine-dining’ restaurants.

I liked Francesco’s, especially when it came to the service that we received. I just wasn’t wowed by the taste of the food. It wasn’t that it wasn’t a quality meal, it just wasn’t filled with the flavors and tastes I would expect in a nicer restaurant.

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