Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cuisinart Grind & Brew Thermal Coffeemaker

It’s a nifty kind of coffee maker that does make an excellent cup of coffee, it’s just that there are a few flaws in the final design. I don’t think they’ll make or break anyone’s choice, but they are something to consider if you’re looking at this coffee maker.

I really was dying to get this coffee maker. I had been drooling over it in the stores, I had it on my wishlist and I had been telling everyone I knew, I wanted one. I made sure to tell them that I wanted the stainless steel one too – I didn’t want any plain old white coffee maker.

What drew me in was the look and the functionality of the coffee maker. It not only brewed a pot of coffee, but it would grind the beans for you! If you’ve ever struggled with a bean grinder before making a pot of coffee, you know how frustrating this can be. Somewhere along the line you’ll make a mess and it never seems to work very easily. Cuisanart’s Grind and Brew coffee maker aimed to take care of that problem by incorporating the bean grinder directly into the coffee maker. Put in your beans, push a button and voila, you’ve got freshly ground beans and fresh coffee.

Finally someone listened and my best friend and my boyfriend went half and half and got me the coffee maker and since then, I’ve been enjoying some good coffee, albeit with a few issues here and there.

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