Saturday, February 13, 2010

Samsung Intensity SCH-U450 Cell Phone

When we dropped AT&T and went back to Verizon Wireless (we should have never left!), one of my main goals for a phone for my partner was one that would make it easier for him to text since he did that more than anything else with his phone. So when we were shopping in the Verizon store and we came across this phone, I thought it would be a good choice, especially since the phone he had with AT&T had been a Samsung also, meaning that the navigation and stuff would be mostly the same and he wouldn't have to deal with relearning an entirely new phone.

Turns out that the Samsung Intensity SCH-U450 cellular phone is good, but I wouldn't say that it was great. We haven't had any serious problems with it, but there are several frustrating points that make me look forward to the day we can trade up for new phones and he can get something different.

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