Saturday, April 17, 2010

Coghlan Filter Funnel

Do you want to avoid spilling white gas or other fuels as much as you can when you're filling your camp stove or lantern?  The Coghlan Filter Funnel is a pretty simple and cheap option, that will help you avoid spills and will even make sure that not much junk gets into your fuel tanks.

I've never been very good at filling my stove directly from a can of white gas or even from a fuel bottle without making a mess, so I've gotten a couple of funnels over the years for my stove.  I think they are all about the same, though the benefit of the Coghlan funnel is that you can find it at just about any store that sells Coghlan outdoor gear, which includes most major department stores.  So if you find yourself needing a filter while traveling, this one is easy to pick up.

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