Saturday, July 17, 2010

Willowbrook Restaurant - Mendon, Massachusetts

I am not sure what I expected before I walked into the Willowbrook Restaurant in Mendon, Massachusetts, but I am pretty sure that what the restaurant ended up being like was not what I was thinking it would be. That is not a criticism of the place, just that my expectations were much different. I was thinking of a casual, almost diner-type kind of place. Instead, Willowbrook is more of a fine dining kind of establishment. There are some remnants of old fashioned diner food, but if that is the experience you are looking to find, you will not find it here.

The restaurant itself is really nice with plenty of dining area and when were there, very attentive staff. I definitely was not disappointed with my experience, it was just very different from what I went in expecting. If I was in the area again, I would not mind stopping and having another meal.

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