Friday, September 03, 2010

Coleman Brite Ice 6-Pack Pack Coolers Freezer Pack

I have found the Coleman Brite Ice 6 Pack Freezer Pack to come in quite handy when I am trying to keep soda cold in a small cooler.  The freezer pack is shaped such that you can nestle it between a 6 pack of soda or beer, with three cans on either side of the molded freezer pack.

I like to use it when we're going on a road trip and I've got soda in a small cooler or a small insulated back.  I can put the Brite Ice 6-pack Freezer Pack in, put the 6 cans of soda around it and it will keep them colder than a standard ice pack does for pretty much the entire day.  It'll also keep your entire cooler or bag cold as a standard ice pack would, so I usually pack in as much as I can, after I put the soda cans around the pack.

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