Friday, September 03, 2010

BurnAid Burn Gel Packets

Having worked on and off in a restaurant and now working in an office that supplies lots of first aid items to restaurants, I've used BurnAid's Burn Gel many times and have also heard from others who have used it.  Burn Gel isn't a miracle worker, if you have a serious burn, this will do nothing, but for minor burns, using the Burn Gel tends to sooth and relieves the pain and discomfort you may be experiencing.

What I like about this form of Burn Gel is that it comes in 1/8 ounce packets.  This is the perfect amount for a single small burn.  They are easy to store and to disseminate and you don't have to worry about much waste when you are using these Burn Gel packets.  I also like that when I buy supplies for the store or even for my home, I get a box with 25 of these packets in it.  For home, that lasts for years, for a store, it goes quickly, but at least it is easy to restock.

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