Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dressing And Outfitting Yourself For Hiking - The basics of hiking apparel and clothing

So you want to get yourself a collection of some basic clothing for your hiking adventures?  Out of all the equipment you might need, this is probably the easiest part of getting ready to start your hiking experiences.  There really is no specific special clothing that you need for short hikes with good weather.  Where it becomes a little more complicated is that you do have to learn to dress for the conditions that you will be expecting along your hike.

Think of dressing for hiking as working in layers.  There are the base layers that include underwear and socks.  That’s followed by a good pair of pants and a shirt.  After that, it is really dictated by the weather.  Warm and dry?  Stick with the shorts and shirt.  Colder, dress in an additional layer.  Wet?  Find yourself a waterproof shell to wear.

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