Thursday, July 28, 2011

Memorex Stereo Earbuds (CB25)

Memorex Stereo Earbuds - Black
$14.99 on Amazon
I have been through a few pairs of ear buds over the years with my iPod.  I like ones that fit snugly in my ear so I can wear them when I'm mowing the lawn or doing other outdoor activities and not have them constantly slipping out of my ear.  That's how I came across the Memorex Stereo Earbuds.

The Memorex Earbuds are designed to fit in your ear and stay put, which I really like.  They also produce decent stereo sound and because of their snug fit, they block out a lot of the outside noise, like the lawnmower if I'm mowing the grass.

Memorex Earbud Details

The Memorex Earbuds are pretty simple.  There are the earbuds themselves, the wire connecting them and then the earphone jack that goes into your iPod or other music player.  The wire is long enough to have the earbuds in your ear and your iPod in your pocket (I'd guess about 2 ½ feet in length).  The whole thing only weighs a few ounces.

The earbuds come with three different silicone sleeves that should allow you to fit the earbuds snuggly into your ear.  Each sleeve is a different size, which helps fit the earbud to your ear.  The medium ones worked well for me.  The silicone makes for a snug, but also a comfortable fit.

The earbuds seem pretty durable.  I have had this set for about six months and used them pretty regularly when I've been walking or doing yard work.  They've gotten covered in sweat, gotten dirty and the wire has definitely gotten pulled and stretched without any ill effects.

Earbud Sound Quality

For the $10 I paid for these earbuds, I was not expecting perfection when it comes to sound quality and anyway, I am not really that picky when it comes to sound.  I cannot say that I was blown away with the sound quality when I did hook them up for the first time, but I was surprised at how well they isolate the music and block outside noise.

I can be mowing and while I know the lawn mower is going, I can hear the music in these earbuds without having to really crank up the volume on my iPod, which is something that my eardrums appreciate.

The earbuds do best with the middle of the road sounds.  Very high and very low notes tend to be a bit distorted and if you do have the volume up, those distortions to tend to get more noticeable.  That said, the majority of the music on my iPod sounds fine at the normal volume levels I play it at.  When I am jogging down a trail or pushing a lawnmower around, I am not really looking for sound that is like being at a performance.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for amazing sound quality, the Memorex Earbuds are not what you are looking for.

If you are looking for a pair of comfortable earbuds that stay in your ears no matter what you do, produce decent sound and block out a lot of surrounding sound, the Memorex Earbuds are definitely worth considering.  I have found them to be the perfect earbuds for my outdoor activities.  I can put them in my ears and be off and not have to be fumbling with them throughout whatever I am doing.  Plus I am more than pleased with the sound quality and I like how they block out a lot of the noise, especially when I'm doing something like mowing the yard.

If you're in the market for earbuds for an active lifestyle, I would definitely consider the Memorex Earbuds.

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