Friday, October 06, 2006

Fuji FinePix A500 Digital Camera

Fuji FinePix A500 Digital Camera

If you want a small, inexpensive, 5.1 mega-pixel digital camera and you don’t mind sacrificing a bit on sharpness and focus, then you probably will enjoy the Fuji FinePix A500.

At its most basic, the FinePix A500 is a small, easily carried, 5.1 megapixel digital camera that uses 2 AA batteries for power, stores images on either 12 megabytes of internal memory or on an xD memory card, has a 1.8 inch LCD monitor, offers a 3x optical zoom lens and can record video without any sound.

The problems are in the details though and my experiences with this camera have been less than perfect, but not so bad that I’m ready to get rid of the camera. The major issues I’ve discovered over time have been with the clarity of the photos and the focusing ability of the camera. More often than not, I find myself taking multiple photos of the same thing, hoping that at least some of them will come out as clearly and as sharply as possible, knowing that at least some of them will be blurry or out of focus.

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