Monday, January 07, 2008

Fratsex: Stories of Sex in College Fraternities

Ever wonder what happens behind the closed doors of fraternity houses?
Well, if you're looking for a more erotic theory, then Fratsex – Stories of sex in college fraternities might be a book you'd enjoy, especially if you're wondering if the guys in those fraternities enjoy one another.

Definitely for the gay man, this book is a collection of stories by various authors that imagine life in the fraternity when the guys aren't afraid to have sex with one another.

This book is definitely meant for a gay audience and with 18 different erotic stories, this book offers plenty of different stories that run the gambit from the “I was drunk and don't remember” to pledging and to unexpected encounters. Reading through it, there's a little bit of something for everyone, especially for someone who's ever fantasized about frat boys and what they could be doing with one another.

The editor, Greg Herren has done a good job at finding and putting together a collection of stories that while they stand on their own, all relate back to fraternities and the frat boys within those fraternities. Not only that, he's found some hot stories to include in the book.

The stories all average around 20 to 30 pages, so they can be ready fairly quickly and its easy to go from story to story.

I'd consider the stories themselves a step above your typical pornographic short stories. Thought and effort have gone into this writing and the stories themselves are mildly interesting besides just the sexual situations. I wouldn't say that anyone will be raving about the fine writing, but the stories are fun to read and by having the action surrounded by a bit of a plot and story, I do think you make the entire experience of reading the book more enjoyable.

Most people will likely hop around the book from story to story, I know I did. I'd flip through until I came across a story that had an interesting title and I'd stop and read that story. Within a few days of flipping, I had pretty much read the entire book. All in all, I liked the various stories and while some were better than others, none were so bad that I couldn't read them or I stopped reading them midway through.

How did you like it? 

I have to admit that I thought when I ordered it, the book would be more of a "true stories" kind of book with an erotic angle. However after reading the book, these stories make no claim of being truthful, instead they are all imagined encounters. That's cool with me either way, but it just wasn't that clear when I ordered the book.

I had actually gotten the book for my partner, but I ended up reading it first and while frats and fraternity boys have never really been my thing, I still found the stories entertaining. The stories were an enjoyable (and exciting) read. I finished the book within a few days of reading a story here and there. Afterwards my partner read through the book and enjoyed it.

While it was a bit pricey for what really is just a book of erotic short stories, I think it was worth it. I'll flip through the book from time to time in the future and I know my partner enjoyed it when he read it.

Final Thoughts 

If you are looking for gay erotic fiction and you have a hankering for fraternity boys, then this book is probably for you. Within the various stories in the book you'll find some hot tales of sexual encounters between the frat brothers. The stories themselves are well written, fun to read and hot to think about.

While I wish the book was a bit less expensive, in the end it wasn't that bad and anyone with a frat boy fantasy will most likely enjoy it even more.

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