Saturday, March 27, 2010

Alta Strada at MGM Grand at Foxwoods - Ledyard, Connecticut

One thing I like about the MGM Grand at Foxwoods resort is that there are a couple of different options for fine dining that are actually quite good. Alta Strada is one of those choices. This Italian restaurant offers a variety of Italian regional food in a modern, clean and elegant atmosphere. The nicest part is that it does that without becoming too stuffy or too expensive.

While you will spend quite a bit to dine at Alta Strada, the prices are not outrageous and I have found that the overall dining experience is worth what you pay for it.  Alta Strada sits on the higher end of the restaurant scale at MGM Grand at Foxwoods with only Craftsteak being a pricer (and probably slightly finer dining) choice and Junior's being a more casual and less expensive choice.

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